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The sound of cogs and spindles

Brute force and erudition.

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I was born, but I got over it and later moved to Wales and read about philosophers. That didn't seem to bring home the bacon so I retrained in computers, moved back to Surrey and have been able to survive mostly on the meagre pickings to be found making the internet. For a while I was freelance, but I gave up on that because I didn't enjoy it and these days I'm working as a consultant for an IT company in Guildford and right now I'm really enjoying it.

These days I live in a house in the Surrey hills, spend as much time as I can in the company of horses, play guitar in an acoustic band named The Patient Wild and play in the great LT game as Panyaman of the Temple Of Sekhmet. My LJ name derives from a previous character; Glenatron, Clan McTaff's instrument of mechanical mediocrity.

Although it started as being a way of keeping in touch with friends around the place this journal has increasingly become a blog about horsemanship and my progress with the horses I ride and the people I ride with. If you're interested in that you might want to look at my Clinic reports, the diary of a month at Martin Black's Horsemanship School or a diary of a two week horsemanship course with Steve Halfpenny Of Silversrand.

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